About Us

Well… I guess I will start from the beginning… Both of us, from a very young age have had a great sense of adventure and yearning to get out and explore our environment. It is this desire for adventure and our love for Christ that brought us together and is now shaping our future.

To give you a brief background of who we are, we are what most would call fairly typical middle class Canadians. We both had 9 – 5 jobs. I was in sales and Jana was an office assistant. We lived in a nice home overlooking a beautiful Lake in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada. We both live a very active lifestyle that include yoga, hiking, biking, stand up paddle boarding, trail running, snow boarding, surfing, just to name a few… and we always do our best to live healthy in mind, body and spirit.

In fact, we both really enjoy the culinary arts and our love for food keeps us healthy and exploring new dishes with smells, flavors and textures from all different regions of the world…